Faith In Deeds

Virtual Celebration Banquet 2020

 Celebrate with Us God’s redeeming work in the lives of His children.

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Light Shines Out Of Darkness

Join us September 28th at 7:00 pm EST for our global virtual event.

Rescue . Disciple . Reintegrate .

Our passion is lasting change for disenfranchised children through holistic care, discipleship, and teaching them life skills so they can thrive in their communities as adults.

“Light shines out of darkness”

In this time of India’s Covid-19 lockdown, we have had to shift our focus temporarily to disaster relief. Per government orders, any child residing at a group home who has a living relative must return to that relative until lockdown orders are lifted. These relatives are unable to provide for the children. So we are providing disaster relief items for these families and others in our community who otherwise would be facing starvation during this prolonged lockdown.

The exciting part is that it is the children who have grown up at Faith In Deeds, who know the Word of God, and who desire to live out their faith, who are administering these outreach efforts to hurting families in our community. They are rising up to be leaders and to share what they have learned.

They are a shining light in this darkness because of the light of Jesus in their hearts.

Please join us in sharing the light of Jesus with others…

Provide Relief Kits for Families

A $50 kit will help a family for 2 weeks

Invest in our Student Leaders 

Empower them to become teachers, nurses, and engineers who will bring the light of Jesus with them wherever they go. College tuition averages $1800 per semester.

Rescue and Disciple at-risk children

We anticipate that the Indian government will give children’s homes approval to re-open their doors soon. Please consider being a part of their on-going care with a monthly gift of $50.